Literary Analysis — VIRGIN SOUL #17: Virgin Souls

Summary: Charioce hears the report from the Onyx Task Force leader on the fugitives and learns that the city exits have been closed to make sure they don't leave. 

Also, since the Red Dragon is related to the escapees, they'll finish it off if it shows up again. 

Hearing this affects Charioce, as he's forced to order to kill it on sight. 

Curious, the soldier asks him if there's anything he knows about the Red Dragon that he doesn't, but Charioce replies no and orders him to leave. The soldier doesn't quite believe him and suspects that Charioce is hiding something important from him.

In Vanaheimr, Gabriel scolds Sofiel and Ridwan for letting El escape since, for her, it means that the gods have lost their wild card and must get him back. 

Jeanne volunteers to go after him since if humans capture him, they won't hesitate to kill him. Gabriel objects, but Jeanne refutes that she can't leave El in charge of people he doesn't trust and that she'll go after him alone if necessary. 

As Gabriel can't handle the situation, Sofiel reassures her that she'll take care of Jeanne.

Barely disguised, Nina, Mugaro, Bacchus, and Hamsa pass by Rita's place, and wonder if she is okay. However, they're immediately snapped out of their doubt when Rita appears in front of them wearing a very elaborate demon costume, looking completely different from how she usually does. 

Rita takes them to her lair, where Favaro finishes making a new mechanical hand for Kaisar, who has been looking for Azazel since he hasn't seen him all morning.

Nina is happy to see Favaro and to know he's alive. Favaro also congratulates her for being as invincible as him.

Kaisar introduces himself to Mugaro after hearing that he is Jeanne's son. However, Mugaro doesn't return the greeting.

Kaisar tells them they want to find out what Charioce intends to do with a weapon that could put the world in the same danger as it was ten years ago. 

When Mugaro says that the weapon must be stripped of its power, Rita mentions that the answer lies on Charioce's bracelet since the weapon reacts to it. Mugaro then suggests stealing it, but Bacchus reminds him to honor his promise not to attack humans. 

Kaisar asks everyone to cooperate in case Charioce intends to put the world in danger.

In Vanaheimr heaven, Sofiel apologizes to Jeanne for letting El escape. She regrets having asked him to use his power without the spiritual development needed before going into battle. She tells her that she wants to rescue El because he saved her life in the past and wants to take him back to the land of the gods so that he can live together with Jeanne there. 

Jeanne assents and throws herself into the void, causing Sofiel to come after her to save her life. 

Jeanne requests Sofiel to go with her to the surface and help her, as it's her turn to save her and El's lives. After making Jeanne promise not to do anything risky, she agrees to support her. At that moment, Sofiel compares herself to Bacchus, as she manages to understand that there are reasons to leave heaven.

In the lair, Rita disguises Nina as a demon, and when she looks convincing, Nina goes for a walk to gather information about Charioce's weapon. 

Rita tries to stop her, but to no avail, she and the others instruct Favaro to go after Nina, as the task falls to him being her master. 

Nina runs through the streets and manages to pass unnoticed by guards who prowl the suburbs. She keeps running until she reaches the cemetery, where she finds Charioce in disguise —Chris— visiting a grave. 

Chris realizes that there's someone else with him and asks who it is, to which Nina replies that it's a demon. At that moment, Chris looks at her closely and realizes it's Nina in disguise, which makes him happy. 

He plays along and asks her what brings a demon like her to the cemetery. Not having an answer because she's flustered, Nina just asks him whose grave he's visiting, to which Chris replies that it's his mother's grave. 

Chris' mother used to be a commoner who became the king's concubine, a poor woman who was abandoned after she became pregnant. The only thing that gave her hope in life was knowing that royal blood ran through her son's veins. She always dreamed of the day when she would be invited to the palace, but that day never came because Bahamut's power killed her ten years ago. 

Touched by his words, Nina confesses that her father also died because of Bahamut. 

Chris smiles at her and continues with his story. He tells her that, ironically, Bahamut was the reason why he was invited to the palace, and given the name Charioce XVII to replace the one his mother gave him. 

Then, since she's a supposed demon, Chris asks Nina to take him to the suburbs as he's always wanted to visit them but has never done so.

Nina takes him through the suburban streets while feeling uncovered. 

Chris stops at a craft stand and exchanges his glasses for a cornicello, a pendant shaped like a red chili. 

Nina warns him that he'll be recognized, but Chris just makes her keep leading him through the suburbs. 

They make a new stop when Chris sees a group of demon kids playing soccer, which he joins to play with them. 

Nina watches him play and finds herself blushing at how sexy he is. 

Chris invites her to join in when he brings her the ball they play soccer with. 

Nina will join them, but when she realizes that the ball is actually a demon skull, she freaks out and throws it far away against a wall, causing it to break. 

So that the children can continue playing, Chris takes off his turban and makes a ball out of it. 

Nina worries even more because there's nothing left for Chris to wear that can continue to hide his identity, but he makes light of it and openly shows that he's Charioce. 

Being sure that Chris knows it's her, Nina tells him that there are many questions she wants to ask him. However, Chris interrupts her and approaches her suggestively to discreetly tell her in her ear to take notice of her surroundings. When Nina notices that they're being spied on, Chris takes her hand and drags her to run off with him through the streets until they reach a grotto, hoping to have lost their spies so they can finally be alone. 

Noticing that he's wearing his bracelet, Nina tells Chris that she wants to know what his true self is. If it's Charioce, the king who has done things that gods and demons hate him, or Chris, the man who's kind, dances with her, plays with demon children, and smiles at her. Nina wants to know what's in his heart.

Chris tells her that there's something he must achieve at all costs, but he can't tell her what it is yet. And that everything he has done as Charioce until then, has been to fulfill that purpose. 

He tells her that he abandoned all remorse long ago and only responds to his convictions. And he does all that he does while visiting his late mother's grave regularly. But, until then, he had never doubted his ideals. 

Chris confesses to Nina that he began to do so from the moment she appeared in his life and that, had it not been for her, he'd have been able to carry out his role as king without a second's hesitation in his actions and their consequences. 

Knowing how he feels about her and what he has had to go through, Nina embraces him and tells him that she doesn't understand why he wants to be such a scary king. However, her love for him is so strong that she wants to support him in whatever he faces. 

Touched by her words, Chris tenderly kisses her, and Nina reciprocates his love. 

Thanks to the kiss, Nina feels something changes in her body, so she dives into the water to transform into the Red Dragon at will, a feat she celebrates and which Chris finds endearing.

Nina transforms into the Red Dragon again and takes Chris to fly over Anatae. Chris is so happy that he can't help but shed tears while flying with her.

The ride ends at the cemetery, where they had met in the afternoon.

Upon returning to her human form, Nina asks Chris when they'll see each other again, to which he only replies that he doesn't know. 

Nina insists that he tell her when, but Chris insists that it will be 'next time and that when that time comes, he promises to tell her what he wishes to achieve. 

Before saying goodbye, Chris gives Nina the cornicello he got in the suburbs and ties it around her neck. Nina is so happy that she hugs him and tells him that the next time, she'll be the one visiting him. 

Once Nina leaves the cemetery, Chris/Charioce seems ready to perform an important task.

At the royal castle, the Onyx soldiers who spied on Charioce during the day report to their leader what they saw, and the Task Force's leader comments that his suspicion turned out to be true and that Charioce is in love with the Red Dragon.

Style: The struggle between certainty and uncertainty is immediately presented through the conversation Charioce and the Onyx Task Force leader have about the fugitives and the Red Dragon. 

The same idea is developed in depth with Chris/Charioce and Nina since they don't know when they will see each other again.

Point of View: Predominantly those of Nina and Chris/Charioce, who confess their feelings for each other.

Tone: Romantic

Fixed literary devices:

  • Transversal themes:
    • Love
    • Identity and Secrecy
    • Certainty and Uncertainty
  • Transversal symbols (motifs):
    • Number 17
    • Cornicello / Red chili
    • Hug
    • Blue lights
    • Clarice's Tomb
    • Doves
    • Hand-holding / Touch

Mutable literary devices:

  • Episode Themes:
    • Certainty and Uncertainty 
    • Death
    • Reunion

Conflicts: Certainty vs. Uncertainty

Thematic elements: 

  • Certainty vs. Uncertainty:
    • The leader of the Onyx Task Force trusts Charioce, but suspects that he knows something about Red Dragon that he doesn't want to say. At the same time, it's clear that Charioce knows that his soldier suspects that Nina is Red Dragon and that he wants to get her out of the way.

      Drawing this conclusion is possible because of the list of fugitives they have and because Nina is the only candidate to possibly be the dragon that always appears when the people in question are involved.

      Other clues the soldier has relate to when Charioce shot Dromos, the moment when hundreds of soldiers saw that the Red Dragon was with him and how he disappeared as soon as the fugitives left the battlefield.

      To avoid raising more suspicions and make the Onyx soldier believe that his convictions have not wavered, Charioce plays along and orders the Red Dragon to be killed as soon as it is seen, without those being his true wishes.

      The leader knows he didn't mean it and, to confirm his speculation, sends his men to spy on him while he is outside the castle.

      Until then, it's known that Charioce always went out without telling anyone. This is something that's reproached to him in episode 6 when he helps Nina with the slaver's men who wanted to take her away and returns to the palace with one red chili in his hands.
    • Kaisar trusts Charioce, but what he intends to do with Dromos is a mystery to him, and he fears that his power could put the world at the same risk it was exposed to when Bahamut attacked ten years ago. So he suggests finding a way to strip Dromos of its power.
    • Sofiel rescues Jeanne after she throws herself into the void, and Jeanne claims she was sure she was going to save her. 
    • Sofiel is unsure whether or not Jeanne will take unnecessary risks once they reach the surface, so, to be on the safe side, she makes her swear not to do anything rash.
    • After understanding Chris's motives for being a terrifying king, she finally is sure that she truly loves him.
    • Chris/Charioce is completely sure that he truly loves Nina when she claims that she wants to support him with everything he faces.
  • Death:
    • Chris tells Nina the story of his mother, Clarice, and how she died. 
    • Nina mentions that, just like his mother, her dad was killed by Bahamut's fireballs.
    • Chris says that, thanks to Bahamut, he was able to enter the palace and that at that moment, he was given the name Charioce XVII, replacing Chris, the name his mother had given him.
      That's to say, from that moment on, he tempted death or sealed his fatal destiny. It's noteworthy that when he speaks of this, he's in the cemetery and —what's more— Dromos' is behind him, on Nina's left side.
    • Chris protects Nina from death by giving her a pendant resembling a monster claw or red chili, a cornicello.
  • Reunion:
    • Nina, Bacchus, Hamsa, and El are reunited with Rita, Kaisar and Favaro.
    • Nina reunites with Chris/Charioce, an act of fate, as they're soul mates.
  • Love:
    • Chris/Charioce confesses his feelings to Nina by telling her that he had never doubted his conviction as king until he met her, letting her understand that since that moment, he has wanted to live as Chris and be with her.
      For this reason, Chris will sacrifice himself, more than any other reason he may have, out of love for Nina and not only for humans.
    • Nina understands that Chris's facet as a frightening monarch has a reason for being and that it serves a greater purpose that he wants to achieve at all costs.
    • At that moment, Nina realizes that she truly loves him and wants to support him in any way she can.
  • Identity and Secrecy:
    • Rita makes costumes so that everyone can go unnoticed in the city, given that they are all fugitives and wanted.
    • Chris keeps Nina's identity safe by telling her right-hand man that there's nothing that he knows about the Red Dragon that he doesn't.
    • Chris thinks there's a demon spying on him in the cemetery until Nina gives herself away by talking and pretending to be one.
    • Chris takes off the items he uses to hide his face one by one as he walks with Nina through the suburbs, moving on to reveal his true identity and unify his two sides —Chris and Charioce— into one.
    • Chris doesn't tell Nina what he wants to achieve by being a king everyone fears but vows to do so the next time they meet.
    • The leader of the Onyx Task Force secretly orders his men to keep an eye on Charioce and confirms the Red Dragon's identity and that Charioce is in love with it.
    • Favaro secretly spies on Nina.


  • Number 17: It's the number of the episode and, in turn, the number that represents Chris —Charioce XVI— and Nina's current age.
    The number is unlucky in Italy, as it means death, as mentioned in the analysis of episode 1 (read it for further details).
    Curiously, when adding the numbers 1 and 7 results in 8, being the current age difference between Chris/Charioce and Nina.
  • Clarice Baviere's grave: As pointed out in the analysis of episode 6, Chris' mother's name is legible on the tombstone.
    Referring to Columbus' ship Santa Clara/La Niña, symbolizes that both his mother and Nina are women who have made him feel happy. Read more about this in the analysis of episode 6.
  • Doves: They fly over Dromos, symbolizing the peace brought by the weapon and what Chris/Charioce intends to bring to the world by using it.
  • Red chili-shaped / monster claw pendant (Cornicello): It symbolizes the passionate love that Chris and Nina have for each other and also, acts as an amulet that'll protect Nina from the bad luck of the number 17, as inspired by a Napolitan amulet called cornicello, corno, or cornetto.
    Shaped like a horn or red chili, the amulet protects against the evil eye. It's usually made of red coral, silver, or gold.

    Charioce gave the order to kill the Red Dragon, imposing on Nina a fatal destiny. However, by obtaining the pendant and giving it to her, Chris frees Nina from death.

    The supernatural aspect is strong in Virgin Soul and, just as the presence of the archangels Michael and Uriel and the influence of the color red and the red chili has been seen in previous episodes, the cornicello plays a crucial role from this point on.
  • Broken skull: The skull symbolizes death. When Chris invites Nina to play, she picks up the skull and breaks it.

    It's a symbol representing that Nina rejects the destiny of death that Charioce imposed on her by ordering the Red Dragon to be killed, and that she'll change it.
  • Hand-holding: Just as when they held hands when pulsing, they danced, or when Chris/Charioce touched Nina in her dragon form, they hold hands as an expression of love. 
  • Bandage: Chris, by hiding his bracelet, conveys that he's hiding his suffering and inevitable death and pain from Nina.
  • Hand clutching: Symbolizes emotional pain and inner conflict. 
  • Hug & Kiss: Unlike previous occasions, now it's Nina who wraps her arms around Chris, representing the love she feels for him is real.

    Chris is taken by surprise by her hug and adopts the same posture as when Nina jumped on him when she revealed to him that she's the Red Dragon, representing a parallel to that moment, given that now it's Chris who opens himself to her completely.

    And, unlike the kiss Azazel tried to give Nina in episode 7, Chris' kiss is loving and affectionate. 

    The kiss represents the precise moment when both are certain that what they feel for each other is equally intense and true.
  • Color blue: This color is relevant in this episode, as it represents sacrifice. Rita dyed Nina's hair blue to disguise her. However, its literary meaning is that Nina is both a sacrifice and someone willing to sacrifice for Charioce. Charioce ordered the Red Dragon's death against his will, turning Nina into a sacrifice. And at the same time, Nina is willing to sacrifice herself for Charioce as she would support him in anything.

    After Charioce and Nina kiss, Nina turns into the Red Dragon, and her hair is back to red-pink. It's a metaphor that Chris's love breaks the death curse Charioce imposed on her when ordering the Red Dragon's death. The idea repeats again when Chris gives Nina the cornicello he bought for her, replacing the green charm she was wearing while disguised as a demon with one that protects her from evil and death. It's a symbolic way to say that Nina's death curse, represented by the color green, is broken thanks to Chris/Charioce's love.

    The color blue is also present in the grotto that Chris/Charioce and Nina enter. And just as in the land of the gods, the fireflies and blue lights represent the souls of the heroes who fell in battle, being one more symbol that adds to the announcement of Chris' imminent death, in addition to the sacrifices he has made to achieve his purpose.

    The grotto with blue reflections/lights would become a place of remembrance of Chris for Nina, just as the hall of homage in Vanaheimr is for the gods.
  • Flying through the skies on a full-moon night: Symbolizes the feeling of being deeply in love. Nina flies with Chris and takes him through the city's skies as if they were reaching the moon. Read the references for more details about Fly me to the Moon, the song that inspired the moment when Chris and Nina are flying through the skies together.
  • Full-moon: Among its many meanings, it's also a symbol of love between a man and a woman, as it represents their emotional and physical union.

    Furthermore, being under the moonlight symbolizes the sacrifices people are willing to make for those they love, as in the case of Chris, who no longer plans to sacrifice himself for the world's sake or to avenge his mother, but for Nina's sake.

    This is key in the talk they have when they're under the moon in the cemetery, where Chris tells Nina that he doesn't know when they'll see each other again.


  • Royal City of Anatae
    • Royal Castle
    • Cemetery
    • Suburbs
      • Lair
      • Streets
      • Grotto


  • Blue Grotto: Also known as Grotta Azzurra. Located in Capri, Italy, is the grotto from the scene where Chris/Charioce and Nina kiss.

    According to a medieval legend, it's a grotto that served as a refuge for demons and monsters.

    One day, two priests swam into it, determined to chase away the darkness that dwells there, but after spending a few minutes inside, they ran away terrified, claiming to have seen the devil's face.

    When the light passes through the grotto's water, the red reflections are filtered out, and only blue light enters. Objects submerged in the grotto water take on a distinctive silvery hue.

    In the episode, Nina disguises herself as a demon, enters the grotto, and transforms into the Red Dragon there, directly referencing the old medieval legend. Moreover, it's precisely two Onyx Soldiers who spy, just like the number of priests who flee in terror in the story.
  • Fly me to the moon: This expression is better known because of the song by Frank Sinatra in which he describes the feeling of euphoria that a person experiences when falling in love.
    In the song, the one expressing himself lets another person take him to the heights of love.
  • Santa Clara: This is the real name of Columbus' ship La Niña, and is related to Chris' mother's name: Clarice Baviere. Her name results from the combination of Clara and royce, as it means royalty in Old English (read more details on this topic in the analysis of episode 6).
  • Treasures: The dragon is a creature known for being greedy. They're independent beings that prefer to live alone and have their own lair, usually a large cave that allows them to store their belongings and precious treasures.
    Nina's treasure is Chris/Charioce, with whom she's in the grotto. It's demonstrated when she transforms into a dragon in front of him, at which point Chris's heart belongs to her completely.
    The same can be said of Chris/Charioce regarding Nina, as he's the one who guides her to the grotto in their escape, and he has dragon ancestry as well.
    Both are each other's most valuable treasures.
  • Virgin Souls: The soul loses its virginity once touched by love.
    Nina and Chris/Charioce are two soul mates who, for the first time in their lives, experience true love, being willing to give everything for each other, even their own lives.
    The title of the episode isn't inspired by any film, book, or important event like the previous ones. This is a special title for Chris/Charioce and Nina, given by the master screenwriter Shizuka Oishi and MAPPA to define the love between them and the work itself. 


  • Foreshadowing lines:
    • Chris: Even though she was poor, she dreamed of being invited to the palace. But Bahamut's power killed her before that day came.
      Nina: My dad was also killed by Bahamut's fireballs.

      Chris mourns the loss of the woman who raised him and who was his only family. For the same reason, he wouldn't want to lose Nina under any circumstances.
      And just like Chris, the fact that Nina mentions this parallel between the two of them is related to the fact that she already lost one important man in her life and therefore doesn't want to lose the most important one of all.

    • Nina: What I don't understand is why you want to become a scary king. But my feelings for you... I want to support you with whatever you're facing.

      This line speaks volumes. Nina loves Chris with all her heart. She would help him shoot Dromos if he asked her to, but Chris doesn't want Nina to get involved and die too.

    • Nina: When will I be able to see you again?
      Chris: I don't know.
      Nina: Tell me.
      Chris: Next time.
      Nina: When will it be next time? When? When?
      Chris: Next time will be the next time.
      Nina: Okay.
      Chris: But the next time we meet, I'll tell you what I'm trying to achieve.
      Nina: Promise?
      Chris: Yes.
      (He gives Nina a red chili-shaped pendant and ties it around her neck, and Nina hugs him happily).
      Nina: Next time, I'll go to see you.

      Chris doesn't doubt that he'll die after shooting Dromos a second time, and he doesn't want to tell Nina that that's why he never knows when they'll be able to see each other again. And while Nina tells him that she'll be the one to visit him next time, these lines to Chris mean that, according to his plans, that will be when she goes to visit his grave at the cemetery.

      The only thing Chris is sure of is that Nina will understand everything once he's dead, and she sees that what he wanted to achieve was to save the world from Bahamut.
  • Foreshadowing Elements:
    • Dance invitation omission: This is a subtle foreshadowing, as it has to be inferred.
      While up until the last time they saw each other, Chris would ask Nina if she would dance with him again, in this episode, he doesn't ask her because he's aware that he's very likely to die once he shoots Dromos a second time. And that could happen at any time. Therefore, Chris avoids giving her the illusion.
    • Cornicello: When Chris gives Nina a cornicello as a gift, it portends that even if something happens to both of them for wearing the number of misfortune on them, nothing will happen to Nina because the amulet will protect her from death.
      Chris is hopeful that Nina won't die, despite the order he has given, as king, to kill the Red Dragon.
    • Broken skull: By breaking it, it's possible to infer that Nina will reject death or that it won't reach her.
      As Chris is the one who throws the skull at her, it clearly means that Nina will avoid dying at the hands of the Onyx Soldiers and/or that she'll break Chris' fatal fate, things that happen in episodes 20 and 24, respectively.
    • Flames: The Onyx Task Force leader has a candelabra in his room, symbolizing his authority at the time. And now that he has confirmed that Charioce is in love with the Red Dragon, he can take action on the matter.


  • New:
    • Clarice Baviere (Chris/Charioce's mother): Her name is the only legible thing on the tombstone's epitaph. Chris visiting her tomb is enough to convey that he was happy with her (read more in the analysis of episode 6). 
  • Previous:
    • Chris/Charioce: He's sure that the leader of the Onyx Task Force knows that Nina is the Red Dragon and suspects he has feelings for her. He keeps Nina's identity hidden and plays along, ordering him to kill the Red Dragon if it appears. Just as the leader knows that what he told him wasn't an honest order, Charioce knows that the leader doesn't believe him, even though he tries to play the role of that king whose convictions remain immutable when he's with him.

      Charioce gives the order to kill him because it's the role he must play as the monarch he is, and although it hurts him and he doesn't want to give it, he gives it anyway. He has no choice.

      Regardless, Charioce seems to be planning to sacrifice himself before that fate can overtake Nina since, once he's dead, the Onyx Task Force, who have already expressed that their bodies will resist until the time comes, will also die. Moreover, Charioce, deep down, is confident that Nina will be able to defend herself against any scenario because of how strong she is since she's just like him.

      When he goes out to visit his mother's grave, he meets Nina, whom he recognizes even though she's disguised as a demon. When Nina asks him whose grave he's visiting, Chris replies that it's his mother's, who died ten years ago because of Bahamut. Chris tells her that, ironically, Bahamut allowed him to become king, at which point his name changed from Chris to Charioce XVII.

      As he finishes his tale, he asks Nina to take him to the demon suburbs, as he doesn't know them. There, Chris exchanges his glasses for a monster claw or chili pepper-shaped pendant, worrying Nina because he might be recognized.

      Then, he joins some demon children and plays with them. He invites Nina to play, but she accidentally breaks the skull they were using as a ball, so Chris takes off his turban and makes a new one for the children with it (*).

      (*): Charioce's actions toward the demon kids reveal that he doesn't have a grudge against the demons as Nina formerly thought, but that he enslaved them for a reason of force majeure, since, as shown in episode 10, the demons were roaming around the city and the surrounding villages tying people up. Charioce had to bring order to the situation by taking drastic measures.

      Nina again expresses her concern about him showing his identity openly, but Chris doesn't care about letting everyone see his face.

      When Nina tries to ask him a question, Chris pulls her close and speaks in her ear to tell her to look around because they're being spied on. 

      Chris: (Approaching Nina suggestively) Look up and then to the left. That way too.
      Nina: (Noticing the Onyx soldiers) Are you being followed?
      Chris: (Taking Nina's hand) Let's lose them.
      They run through the streets until they reach a grotto.
      Chris: Do you think we've left them behind?
      Nina: Perhaps.

      Chris/Charioce reveals his identity for two reasons:
      • To show himself as he's to Nina, so she can see that Chris and Charioce are two sides of the man she loves, just as she's who she is and the Red Dragon simultaneously.
      • To let the Onyx Soldiers know that he's in love with Nina.
        He does this in order to protect her, as he thinks that knowing that the Red Dragon is really the woman he loves, they wouldn't dare kill her, even though he, as Charioce, gave the order to kill the Red Dragon.
    • As Chris wants to lose sight of the soldiers, he takes Nina's hand and runs off with her until they reach an empty grotto.

      Being alone, he lets Nina ask him what she wanted just a short while ago.

      When she tells him that she wants to know who the real one is, Charioce or Chris, he explains that he became king to fulfill a goal he cannot yet reveal to her and that all the deplorable things he has done to date have served to that purpose, as he never wavers in his convictions. However, ever since he met her, he has been unsure if he can fulfill his goal because he now wants to spend his life with her. 

    • Chris: There's something I need to achieve at all costs, but I can't tell you what it is yet. I can say that everything I have done as king was necessary to fulfill that purpose. And this is the result.

      I have long since abandoned any sense of guilt. I answer only to my own convictions, as I visit my poor mother's grave. Not once have my convictions wavered. Not until you came into my life. If I had never met you, I could have lived my life as a king without a second thought. But instead... If I had never met you...!

      Chris accepted his death from the minute he agreed to be king. And from that moment until Nina came into his life, he had never wished to change that destiny.

      His love for Nina is so strong that it makes him hesitant to be a terrifying king and fulfill his great goal —even if it means having to order the Red Dragon killed— and that makes him feel uneasy.

      He wants to be with her more than anything, but he knows he'll have to sacrifice himself at any moment for a greater cause that becomes secondary from the moment he meets her.

      This is the turning point in his character because it's learned that, in order to move forward with his conviction, he changes the meaning of it: while at first, he'd die to save humanity, now he'll die to inherit Nina the peaceful world he's always dreamed of.

      Nina hugs him by surprise and tells him that, although she doesn't understand why he wants to be a terrifying king, she wants to support him in everything he faces.

      Chris is so touched by her pure feelings and intentions that he kisses her affectionately. Thanks to her words, now he's absolutely certain that the love they feel for each other is true. There's no doubt in his heart that the way they feel for each other is exactly the same.

      Thanks to the kiss (?), Nina transforms into the Red Dragon in the waters of the grotto at will, something that celebrates and which makes Chris deeply happy.

      (?): From a writing point of view, it's likely this wasn't the originally planned moment Nina would learn how to transform at will. Azazel's words in episode 4 suggested that Nina could be able to change into her dragon form at will after making love with the man she loves and not just kissing him. The scene may have been changed to keep the story for the general public, but due to all the hints and sexual symbolism in Charioce and Nina's romance, a sex scene would have made more sense. However, it's strongly hinted that they had physical contact anyway since Nina isn't wearing her clothes when they bid goodbye after coming back to the cemetery. She just wears Charioce's robe and her clothes aren't there. 

      Chris flies in the Red Dragon's back through the skies of Anatae. His heart is so full of joy that he smiles and sheds tears from the emotion he feels.

      On the way back to the cemetery, Nina returns to her human form, and he gives her his robe to cover and shelter her. When Nina asks him if they'll see each other again, he replies that he doesn't know, and at Nina's insistence, Chris tells her that the next time they meet, he'll reveal to her what he wants to achieve (*).

      (*): Chris doesn't want, for any reason, to tell Nina that he'll sacrifice himself using Dromos to annihilate Bahamut, but he knows that when he has passed away, Nina will understand.

      Chris gives Nina the pendant he obtained in the suburbs and ties it around her neck as a symbol of their love and to protect her from the destiny of death he imposed on her by ordering the Onyx Task Force to kill the Red Dragon. Just as he imposed that fate on her, it's up to him to free her from it.

      Nina is so happy that she hugs him and tells him that she'll be the one to visit him next time, which for Chris means that Nina will visit his grave in the same cemetery where they meet.

      When Nina is on her way back to the lair, Chris feels determined to do his part, but that he'll do it for Nina.
    • Nina: Together with Bacchus, Hamsa, and Mugaro, she's reunited with Rita, Kaisar, and Favaro, and together they talk about Charioce's weapon.

      Nina wonders what he intends to do with it because, in her heart, she doesn't believe that the king has evil intentions or that he wants to bring chaos.

      At the precise moment when Rita mentions that the bracelet is what supplies power to the weapon, Nina becomes interested; and also when Kaisar states that they must gather information to find out what the king intends to do.

      That same afternoon, when Rita finishes disguising Nina as a demon, Nina goes out for a walk in the suburbs to gather information.

      Running through the streets, she gets tense when she passes by soldiers making routine rounds because she thinks they'll recognize her. But when she sees that they don't, she keeps running and climbing stairs and reaches the cemetery, where she spots Chris.

      Flustered, she hides behind tombstones until she inadvertently knocks one over and ends up making Chris realize that there's someone behind him.

      When Chris asks her who she is, she claims to be a demon, but Chris recognizes her easily. Chris asks her what brings a demon to the cemetery, but Nina, not being able to make up a reason, asks whose grave he visits.

      Chris tells her that it's her mother's tombstone and that she died because of Bahamut's power. Nina tells him that her father also died because of the same monster, letting him know that she understands the pain of losing a beloved person.

      Nina takes Chris to the suburbs when he asks her to lead him there since he has never been to them. She goes nervously with him through the streets, as demons don't like humans and look down on him. Besides, Nina feels caught out because, even though Chris has been pretending to believe her about being a demon, she knows he's aware of her true identity.

      She gets even more worked up when she sees Chris trading his glasses for a pendant at one of the demon store stands and worries that they're going to find out he's Charioce, even though Chris tells her to keep showing him around the suburbs.

      Then, arriving at a place where demon kids are playing soccer, Nina sees how Chris joins them and is friendly, even making them a new ball with his turban when Nina accidentally breaks the skull they were using as a ball (*).

      (*): Nina learns that Charioce doesn't hate the demons as she thought at first.

      Growing more worried that people will notice he's the king, Nina reproaches Chris for getting rid of his turban. But Chris only stirs things up further when approaching her suggestively to ask her to look around, as they're being followed.

      Chris takes Nina by the hand, and they both run aimlessly through the suburbs until they reach a grotto, hoping to have lost their spies.

      When Nina looks at Chris' wrist, she remembers Rita mentioning that it's what supplies Dromos with enough power to shoot. Then, Nina asks him which one is his true self, Charioce or Chris, as she wants to know what's in his heart.  

      Nina: I want to ask you something.
      Chris: What is it?
      Nina: You're the king, and you've done things to make demons and gods hate you. But when you are Chris, you are kind to me. You dance with me, play with the demon children, and smile at me. I don't know who's your true self. I want to know what's in your heart!

      It's important to understand that Nina asks him this question for two reasons:
      • To be sure that what she feels for Chris is true love.
      • Because she knows that by discovering what motivates him, she'll find out if he intends to use the weapon he controls for good or evil.
    • Chris replies to her that there's something he must achieve at all costs and that the things he's done as king have been to reach his goal, and that he could have spent his whole life being a fearsome king who doesn't doubt his purpose if it hadn't been for the fact that he met her and fell in love with her.

      Nina, overwhelmed by his words, hugs him and tells him that although she doesn't understand why he wants to be a scary king, her feelings for him are so strong that she just wants to help him in whatever he has to face. Chris reciprocates her feelings with a kiss and, at that moment, Nina learns to transform into the Red Dragon at will.

      She's so happy that she takes Chris flying through the skies of Anatae, and ends their tour at what was their meeting point in the afternoon.

      Nina wants to know when they can meet again, but when Chris tells her that he doesn't know, Nina insists, but Chris tells her that it'll be next time. But that, when they see each other again, he'll tell her what he wants to accomplish.

      When she receives a cornicello as a gift from Chris, she's so happy that she hugs him and tells him that next time she'll be the one to visit him.

    • Kaisar: He gets a new mechanical hand made by Favaro and makes sure it won't explode like the previous one.

      He meets Jeanne's son and then, during a conversation with everyone, suggests that they should find out what Charioce intends to do with a power that could endanger the world in a way comparable to Bahamut. But no matter what Charioce intends, they must strip that weapon of its power to avoid a possible catastrophe.

    • Favaro: He makes a new mechanical hand for Kaisar and participates in the meeting in which everybody agrees to investigate what Charioce intends to do with the weapon he possesses. When Nina goes out to do her own research once disguised, he's assigned to keep an eye on Nina, as he's her master.

    • Rita: She's hidden in the suburbs disguised as a demon. She makes costumes for everyone so that way they won't be identified by the soldiers in the streets.

      During the meeting in which Kaisar suggests that they should find out what Charioce wants to achieve with his weapon, Rita observes that the weapon gets its power from the bracelet that Charioce wears on his left arm.

      Later in the afternoon, when Nina goes out for a walk through the suburbs, she asks Favaro to go after her and watch out for her safety.

    • El/Mugaro: He doesn't greet Kaisar back, as he introduces himself as a former subordinate of his mother when she was captain of the Orleans Knights. 
      He suggests stealing Charioce's bracelet to prevent a catastrophe, as he only wants to deliver peace.

    • Bacchus: He reminds El to keep his promise not to provoke humans when he suggests stealing Charioce's bracelet. 
      He'll help gather information about Charioce's weapon.

    • Hamsa: Seeing Nina blush when seeing Kaisar makes him nostalgic. 
      Along with his partner Bacchus, he'll help gather information about Dromos.

    • Jeanne: She throws herself into the void to search for her son on the surface since she fears something bad might happen to him. 
      Sofiel supports and helps her through the stormy barrier and accompanies her in her mission.

    • Sofiel: She vows to track down El's whereabouts and bring him back to Jeanne so they can be together again in the land of the gods, but Jeanne's going to the surface on her own takes her by surprise, and she ends up joining her, promising to save her life and El's to repay them for have saved her in the past.
      She compares herself to Bacchus, as she understands why he left the land of the gods.

    • Onyx Task Force leader: He knows that Charioce is hiding information about the Red Dragon from him and, despite the order to kill it, the Onyx Task Force leader first wants to confirm his suspicion that Charioce has fallen in love with Nina, the only fugitive candidate to be the Red Dragon. 
This is the English version of the literary analysis originally posted in Spanish on September 25, 2022.

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