Literary Analysis — VIRGIN SOUL #24: Run, Nina, Run

Summary: Bahamut throws fireballs over Anatae, destroying much of the city and wiping out gods, demons, and humans all at once. 

Charioce, Rita, Azazel, and Jeanne see Kaisar in his last moments, who uses his final energies to tell Charioce he shouldn't fear death as it's peaceful, giving him the courage to fulfill his mission and kill Bahamut. 

Kaisar dies holding Rita's hand. 

Hipogriff has fallen in the streets of Anatae, and Nina carries Favaro, Bacchus, and Hamsa on her back. The three ended up injured from the impact they suffered when they fell. 

Nina looks at the destruction around her and remembers the day her village went up in flames because of Bahamut's fireballs. In her memories, she sees her father, whose last words to her were that he would help the people of the village. 

Nina held out hope that he would return, something that never happened.

Determined to save Chris/Charioce, Nina bids farewell to Hippogriff and instructs him to take care of her friends, as she may never return. 

As Nina watches Bahamut from her position, Favaro calls her.

She checks if he's okay, but Favaro tells her not to worry about him and to listen to him. 

Favaro tells her that ten years ago when Bahamut appeared, he sacrificed the life of a girl he had promised to protect, and instead of her, he chose this world. 

Nina then understands what Favaro had meant to tell her that day when he spoke to her about decisions and their consequences. When Favaro asks her what she'll choose, Nina answers, without hesitation, that the man she loves. 

Nina's words make Favaro happy because he knows she won't ever regret her choice. His disciple doesn't have to worry about what happens as she only must do what he has to and kill Bahamut. 

Nina thinks of Chris and all their moments together as she runs full speed to his aid. She won't regret choosing to join him whether they end up surviving or dying together. Nina has already lost an important man in her life, and she won't lose the one who gives her happiness and plans to sacrifice himself for her and the world. 

Nina transforms into the Red Dragon when she can no longer run across the bridge once destroyed by Bahamut's fireball. 

She must hurry because she's racing against the clock to save her beloved king and the world. 

In the catastrophe and after witnessing Kaisar's death, Charioce looks at Bahamut and tells Jeanne and Azazel that they can do whatever they want with his life if he survives after confronting the beast. 

His scholar passes him his sword and wishes him luck, but Charioce knows he didn't mean it honestly and just smiles and accepts his fate. Charioce descends on his way to Dromos, where his royal ship has managed to reach after Bahamut's attack. The scholar gives the order to the navigators to clear the area once Charioce has reached the weapon's deck. 

In the streets, Dias carries Alessand's body on his back while he sees the destruction caused by Bahamut and how some humans begin to offer prayers to the gods for protection and think that all is lost when a fireball goes straight to his position. 

To everyone's surprise, Lucifer and the demons have erected a shield to protect Anateans. And although the barrier is strong, it's not enough to resist the power of Bahamut, so Gabriel, Sofiel, and the other gods support them by fortifying the shield with their power. 

Bahamut continues to attack relentlessly, but gods and demons focus on defense at all costs.

Nina dodges fireballs and flies over Charioce's royal ship, from where Jeanne, Azazel, and Rita see how she heads for Dromos.

Charioce has reached the command deck of the ancient cannon. He holds his sword with his left hand and then inserts it and his bracelet into the system to supply it with his life energy. 

Dromos takes the form of the king's sword, and Charioce sets out to attack Bahamut. The moment he had been waiting for so long has finally arrived. 

Suddenly, Charioce sees the Red Dragon and how Nina returns to her human form. 

As she falls on him, Charioce asks her why she's there, and when he realizes that Nina wants to put her arm into the device just as he does, he tries to stop her. However, Nina insists and tells him that if he's going to give his life, so will she. 

Nina touches Charioce's hand, making Dromos change its appearance from the royal sword to the Red Dragon. 

Charioce tells her that she doesn't need to die with him, but Nina tells him that she won't give up on her life, his, or their love. 

Charioce is happy to know she forgives him, and after hearing her so determined, he smiles at her and plucks up courage and resolution for them to survive. 

The dragon of Dromos roars and throws a beam of energy at Bahamut. Bahamut responds to the attack with its flames, but Dromos soon overpowers it.

Gods, humans, and demons witness Bahamut's last moments and how it falls before the power of the king's weapon, thanks to him and Nina. 

As it dies, Favaro thinks of his beloved Amira. 

In a moment of connection with Bahamut, Nina meets Amira, who sends a message to Favaro with her.

When the calamity has ceased, Jeanne awakens on the deck of the ship Charioce to behold Bahamut's corpse. 

Gods, humans, and demons celebrate together Bahamut's death.

Azazel wonders if Bahamut is really dead, and Rita mourns the death of her beloved Kaisar. 

In Dromos' deck, Charioce and Nina lie unconscious as Charioce's bracelet is burnt to ashes, freeing him from his death curse. 

While Favaro is happy to call Nina his student, he notices that there's a blade near him. It happens to be the same one he used ten years ago to kill Bahamut.

Some time has passed since the victory against Bahamut, and Nina walks around the city and greets people as she always used to do. She has lost her voice because she gave her life energy to Dromos, but she still happily lives with her friends.

Favaro pays them a visit to tell them he's starting a new journey and leaving the capital the following day. Learning that she won't see her master in a while, Nina runs to him to tell him that Amira has sent a message for him with her: she wishes him the best.

Favaro thanks Nina for everything and tells her goodbye.

That same night, Charioce is sitting on the terrace of the royal hall and receives a visit from Nina, whom he recognizes before she touches his hands. Nina leads him and takes him close to her. 

She wears the cornicello he gave her and the ring she won from him on the day they met. 

That night, they dance smilingly on the terrace, as they should have done after the waltz the day of the ball at the palace, and embrace tenderly.


Extra: Bahamut's corpse disappears without a trace, waiting to reappear sometime in the future. 

Humanity is no longer threatened until the next hundreds or thousands of years, as has always been the case.

Favaro knows that Bahamut is an immortal being and that Amira is still alive in its light somewhere, so he goes on a new journey in search of her. In the distance, Favaro hears Kaisar, whom Rita has turned into a zombie, call his name as a farewell. 

Rita tells Kaisar that he'll see his friend again soon.

Style: The idea is delivered immediately, with Kaisar's sacrifice, followed by Charioce's sacrifice for Nina and the world.

Point of View: Nina's and Charioce's.

Tone: Touching

Fixed literary devices:

  • Transversal Themes:
    • Love
    • Identity and Secrecy
  • Transversal symbols (motifs):
    • Hand-holding / Touch
    • Bridge
    • Sword
    • Red Dragon
    • Doves
    • Crows
    • Blue Light
    • Ocarina
    • Candles
    • Muteness
    • Blindness
    • Cornicello
    • Ring
    • Dance
    • Hug
    • Starry Sky

Mutable literary devices:

  • Episode Theme:
    • Choices and Sacrifice

Conflicts: Choices vs. Sacrifice

Thematic elements: 

  • Choices vs. Sacrifice:
    • Kaisar sacrifices himself for Charioce because he knows he's innocent and hopes that humans, gods, and demons will get along, an ideal he sustains until his last moments by defending the king from a saint —who possesses both human and godly characteristics— and a demon. 
    • Nina learns that Favaro sacrificed Amira, a girl he had promised to protect, and that he chose a world without her, which he regrets because, although he saved the world, his own world stopped having any meaning. Favaro's ideal decision would have been having been able to save the world and Amira.
    • At this point, Chris/Charioce sacrifices himself for Nina's sake, to whom he wants to inherit a peaceful world after his death; for his mother's sake; for all those who have lost someone dear to them because of Bahamut; and for Kaisar's and all those who died for him and whom he must protect as king.
    • Nina chooses to join Charioce and save the world together and is willing to sacrifice herself for him if necessary because the world with him means everything to her. Whatever happens to Charioce will happen to her too because she has chosen to be with him, whether that means living or dying with him. But she's determined to survive with him. Not saving him from death would mean living in a meaningless world for her, just as Favaro lives in a meaningless world without Amira. 
    • Jeanne chooses to spare Charioce's life because:
      • He became a hero in people's eyes after destroying Bahamut, killing him would have turned him into a martyr and the world wouldn't have been peaceful.
      • She understands that it was El's/Mugaro's death that ended up bringing peace through a war that unified the three species and promoted their coexistence, just as her son wanted while he was alive.
        Without his death, this wouldn't have been possible since there were two possible scenarios for Charioce and humanity:
        1. Charioce would have only managed to impose the strength of the humans over all the species without guaranteeing peace among them. He would have only managed to bring peace to the humans, who would live without demons that tormented them or selfish gods that demanded prayers from them. However, this would have unstabilized the world, as Gabriel feared.
        2. If Mugaro had not been the character who dies, but Nina (as Charioce first thought), Charioce would have died when facing Bahamut without Nina saving him. And then, angels and demons would have subjugated humanity and fought for the control of Mistarcia, leading the world to instability.
      • She's guilty of having taken Kaisar's life and made Rita unhappy. Likewise, she doesn't want to take Charioce's life because it would hurt Nina, whom she promised to protect. Jeanne doesn't want to be the reason for her suffering again by taking the life of another man who's important to her, having been responsible for her father's death ten years earlier. This is the main reason she has as it's explicit in episode 14.
      • She respects Kaisar's sacrifice for Charioce.
      • She realizes that his true intention was never to kill the gods or his son but for the humans to stop offering him prayers for denying them the technology that would allow him to end the Bahamut threat. 
      • Jeanne grasps that Charioce would never give an order that would unleash the wrath of the gods to start a war that would end up preventing the development of his plans. 
    • Azazel chooses to spare Charioce's life because:
      • Like Jeanne, he understands that killing him would only have turned Charioce into a martyr and a new war would have been unleashed.
      • He understands that without Mugaro's death, the demons would not have managed to stop being enslaved and mistreated, nor would there be peace in Mistarcia. 
      • He decides to respect Kaisar's will by sacrificing himself for Charioce to maintain peace between the species.
      • He lets him live as retribution to Nina for the damage he did to her after having dragged her into his selfish plans. 
      • Charioce spared his life while holding him prisoner, which leads him to consider not killing him because, despite all he suffered, Azazel knows it was all his fault and not Charioce's.
  • Love:
    • Nina loves Charioce and a world without him would be meaningless, so she decides to help him and save him so they can be together for the rest of their lives. It's all or nothing for Nina. Charioce would definitely save the world, but saving Charioce and making his goal a reality is up to her. Her love is what saves him and the world. Fate has reunited them to achieve that goal.
    • Charioce tries to stop Nina from dying with him because he wants her to live and cannot forgive himself for what he did to her. Regardless, when Nina tells him that she'll fight for their lives and love, a new destiny is written for him as she forgives and gives hope to him. He'll survive so he can be with her and love her.
    • Charioce waits for Nina and dances with her as a symbol of love. Also, his destiny has changed thanks to her since she broke his death curse. He now lives his life to love her.
    • Favaro confesses to Nina that he was in love with a woman called Amira ten years ago.
    • Nina realizes that Bacchus is in love with Sofiel.
    • Rita turns Kaisar into a zombie because she loves and wants him by her side.
  • Identity and Secrecy:
    • Dromos adopts the Red Dragon's form when Nina takes Charioce's hand and supplies the weapon with her life energy to kill Bahamut.
    • Once dead, Rita turns Kaisar into a zombie, this being his new self.


  • Hand-holding: Symbolizes love. Rita holds Kaisar's hand to express her affection for him in his last moments.
    Nina holds Chris'Charioce's left hand to express the same when she arrives at Dromos' deck to help him supply the cannon with her life energy. Even while unconscious after using the weapon, they both continue to hold hands as a symbol of their love.
    They hand-hold again at the end of the episode to dance. 
  • Jumping over debris: Symbolizes overcoming suffering or avoiding it. Nina jumps over debris on her way to save Charioce, representing her determination to avoid what she experienced ten years ago when she lost the man who was, at the time, the most important man in her life: her father.
  • Running fast: Symbolizes going against the clock to accomplish a goal. Nina has little time to save Charioce. It's a race against time that will decide whether he lives or dies.
  • Bridge: Symbolizes three things in the scene where Nina runs over it:
    1. Love: Nina runs over the bridge while thinking of her happy moments with Chris/Charioce.
    2. The boundary between life and death: The bridge is an element that connects two worlds, as is the tunnel that leads to the afterlife. Charioce is between life and death, and it's up to Nina to make him survive.
    3. Point of no return: By being burned by Bahamut's fireball. When a bridge burns, it can no longer be crossed. Therefore, it means no longer being able to go back. Nina has decided to save Charioce, and nothing can stop her.
  • Sword: Symbolizes Charioce and Charioce's power. It's the symbol that relates to him since the first episode. By making Dromos adopt the form of his weapon, he intends to slay Bahamut —an ancestral dragon— with a sword, just as knights do in dragon-related stories.
  • Red Dragon: Symbolizes Nina and Nina's power.
    Also, being red, it acts as an "amulet" against death. Just as the cornicello saved Nina's life, the Red Dragon saves Charioce's life and frees him from his fatal destiny, completely breaking the curse of the number 17 —XVII— on him.
  • Doves: They symbolize peace. They appear as soon as Bahamut dies and when Nina walks through the streets of Anatae days later.
  • Crows: Symbolize death. They pass over the streets of Anatae to represent the dead in battle and during the catastrophe of Bahamut.
  • Charred bracelet: Symbolizes the breaking of a death curse and life. The bracelet with the stone that consumed Charioce's life gets destroyed after shooting Dromos with Nina. The power was so great that it ended the curse that marked his death destiny.

    It was only possible thanks to Nina, who supplied Dromos with so much power that the green stones turned into ashes.

    Just as Chris protected Nina from evil by giving her an amulet that broke after committing its task, Nina protected him by breaking the 'amulet' of bad fortune he carried.
  • Scar: Symbolizes a wound from the past. Dias doesn't want to make the same mistake again by not had been strict with Alessand, so now he's with the men he's in charge of after having been appointed captain of the Orleans Knights.
  • Blue light: Symbolize Mugaro's presence. The sun's rays are predominantly blue as Jeanne and Azazel visit his tomb.
  • Horse: Symbol of war and peace, both associated with Mugaro, who had the power to bring peace through war, as does his father.
  • Ocarina: Symbol of connection with the gods and friendship between Mugaro and Azazel.
  • Poppy flower: Present in Mugaro's tomb, it is a common symbol used to represent peace to death and even sleep.
  • Showy baby's-breath flower: A symbol of innocence and purity. They describe Mugaro's divine nature.
  • Chrysanthemums: Symbols of death. They're flowers given to express condolences. They're also in Mugaro's tomb.
  • Candles: They symbolize home. They're present when Nina dines with Bacchus and the others.
  • Cross: Symbolizes that Amira survived since the cross isn't tilted as it's the case when the characters will die. Also, it's to the right, in the same place as the cross that was behind Charioce in episode 22, announcing that she would survive death.
  • Muteness (*): Symbolizes a tragic love or one that was damaged at some point.
    A breakage like that of the cornicello that Chris gave to Nina, as he broke her heart. 
    It's the inability to communicate through words.
    Nina becomes mute after having roared through Dromos when attacking Bahamut. The roar damaged her vocal folds. She can't express words of love toward Chris anymore.
  • Blindness (*): Like muteness, it also symbolizes a tragic love, as it's also a breakage like that of the cornicello. His heart was broken when he thought Nina died because of his fault.
    Charioce becomes blind after having used Dromos for a second time, making it impossible for him to see Nina, the woman he loves.
    His blindness, furthermore, is somewhat metaphorical, as Charioce refused to see reality and to accept that his actions only brought more hatred.
    And not only that, it symbolizes that he refused to see that Nina could help him in everything, including taking the curse of death off his back.
  • Broken Cornicello (*): The cornicello itself symbolizes Nina's and Chris' passionate love. Nina also wears it as a symbol that, although her and Chris' hearts broke, they still love each other.
    When something breaks inside a person, they're never the same again, but they can understand, forgive and continue to love when what they feel is genuine. In Nina's and Charioce's case, their hearts broke by wanting to protect each other, just like the amulet, which breaks once it has fulfilled its purpose by protecting the wearer.
    (*): Unlike a broken cornicello, a wound can heal. The foreshadower from episode 14 comes into play here.
    Nina mentioned that the water of the Dragonfolk Village hot springs has healing powers. It's not just water with simple healing properties, but it has powers; it's capable of healing miracles. Its purpose wasn't healing Jeanne's scratch on her arm, but Charioce's eyes and body and/or Nina's vocal folds.
    The message was delivered for the viewer to infer that the physical limitation that Nina and Charioce plays a more symbolic role in the conclusion of the story.

    Even if this particular water couldn't make Charioce see again and Nina speak again, it still is relevant as it could help with Charioce's charred arm and other wounds, as his arm was compromised post-Dromos activation.

    Whether or not they get back what they lost, major characters in the Virgin Soul universe all seem to be 'broken' in their own way: Favaro has a mechanical leg, Kaisar has an iron hand, Rita is a zombie and now, it would make sense to continue the line with a blind character and another mute.

    Given the events of the story and to follow the theme, Charioce and Nina should keep their limitations, or at least one of them: Charioce, since blindness is a form of punishment.

    Thus, there's a possible dual interpretation as to what the water of the Dragonfolk Village can do. Although it's very striking that so much emphasis has been placed on muteness in the story, with Mugaro being the first mute character introduced. Then it was Nina, this being foreshadowed in episode 16. It might be that Nina could recover her voice in the future.
  • Ring: Symbolizes Chris/Charioce. Nina won it from him. And it belongs to her, as does Chris's heart, which is a dragon's treasure, and a bounty hunter's loot.
    It's noteworthy that Nina wears this ring on her left hand, the same hand she wears on her bounty hunter's bracelet.
  • Dance: Symbol of communication and love between Nina and Chris/Charioce.
    Although Nina cannot speak to him and Chris cannot see her, the dance connects them.
  • Hug: Like the hand-holding and previous episodes, it symbolizes the love between Chris/Charioce and Nina. 


  • Royal City of Anatae
    • Royal ship
    • Prison-Island
      • Dromos
    • Royal Castle
    • Jeanne's House
    • Mountains


  • Run, Lola, Run: The title of the episode is inspired by the movie "Run, Lola, Run", released in 1998, which is about a red-haired woman who receives a call from her boyfriend, who has lost a purse with 100,000 German marks on the train and must get the same sum to deliver it to a gangster within 20 minutes. If he doesn't, he's going to be killed.
    Similar to the movie, Nina has limited time to save Chris/Charioce. She must reach him and help him before he dies using Dromos to save the world.
  • Burning bridges: This is an expression of Roman origin meaning to leave the past behind and/or point of no return. This element is the basis used to show that Nina's decision is final and that she'll save Chris at all costs.


  • Foreshadowing lines:
    • Nina's dad: (to Nina) I'll go help the others.
      Nina: (Thinking of her dad's sacrifice) Hippo, please take care of my master and the others.

    • These lines announce that Nina won't let Charioce die just like her dad and that she'll join him to change his fatal destiny. She will help him in his mission to help others and will do her best to save his life as well. Nina wants to live in a world with those she loves and already knows the pain of living in a world without someone important in it.
  • Elements:
    • Favaro's Dagger: This tells Favaro that Amira is still alive.


  • Nina: Hipogriff crashes in the streets of Anatae after being grazed by a fireball from Bahamut.

    Nina, conscious and safe, carries Favaro, Bachus, and Hamsa (*) and leaves them in a safe place. She's glad to see that Hippogriff is okay and says goodbye to him after asking him to take care of his master and the others, as she's determined to save Chris, as she wants to avoid losing him in the same way or for the same reason she lost her dad ten years ago.

    Nina hears Favaro's voice, and she asks him if he's okay. Favaro asks her not to worry about him and to listen to him. Her teacher tells her that ten years ago, he sacrificed the life of a girl he promised to protect and chose the world instead. At that moment, Nina understands what Favaro meant to tell her the day he heard her shout 'I love you!' while thinking about Chris. 
    Favaro wanted to tell her that when people choose something, they lose something else. Favaro chose a world that stopped making sense when he sacrificed Amira's life. He wished he could have saved the world and Amira, not only one of them.

    Then, when Favaro asks Nina what she'll choose, Nina replies that she chooses Charioce,  making Favaro understand that she will save the world and the man she loves.

    Nina knows that Favaro always wanted her to make the decision she would never regret making, that decision that gives meaning to her life. At this point, Nina knows that Charioce will save the world, but she wants to save Charioce so he can be with her in that world he always dreamed of without Bahamut threatening everyone. 

    (*): The fact that Favaro and Bacchus are the ones who have accompanied Nina in her mission to save Chris has a deeper reason than the apparent one. 
    They both represent the possible decisions Nina could make. Either she leaves everything for love, as Bacchus did when he left the land of the gods for a human, or she chooses the world where she was born over the man she loves, as Favaro did when choosing the world over a world with Amira.

    Both Bacchus and Favaro understand Nina's feelings and are willing to help her make the right choice. The one that'll make her happy.

    Nina runs and turns into a dragon to get to Charioce, who has already reached the Dromos control deck and inserted his hand and sword into the power source, synchronizing his right eye to supply the weapon with his life energy.

    Nina returns to her human form and falls over Charioce. She tries to insert her arm into the power source next to him. Charioce tries to stop her, but she insists, for if he's sacrificing himself, she'll too. 
    Nina touches Charioce's hand, and Dromos takes the Red Dragon's appearance. 
    Nina's words touch Charioce's heart, and he tells her that she doesn't need to die with him. However, Nina tells him that she'll fight for her life, his life, and their love. Nina made Charioce understand that she loves him and forgives him. Nina and Charioce smile at each other and prepare to attack Bahamut (*) with an energy beam. Bahamut throws a fireball at them, but the energy Charioce and Nina have given to Dromos is so great that they manage to kill Bahamut.

    (*): Thanks to Nina, Charioce will fight for the same type of world he and Nina want: a peaceful one with the person they love in it. As they are determined to achieve that goal, they smile at each other and give their best to destroy Bahamut and survive.

    Nina is surrounded by Bahamut's light, in which Amira approaches and hugs her to send a message to Favaro with her.

    As soon as the calamity ends, Nina lies unconscious in Dromos' deck holding Chris' hand. His bracelet has burned to ashes, as he's now free of his destiny of death.

    Nina lost her voice after having shot Dromos, as she synchronized her throat with it by firing an energy ball.

    After a few days, Nina writes a letter to her mother telling her about her recent experiences in the capital, which is being rebuilt after having suffered Bahamut's wrath. 
    She's happy to know that the people from the village were safe on the day the Bahamut attacked.

    She tells her that the king saved the world from Bahamut and became a hero, though he lost his eyesight while fighting the beast. But that, even so, he still rules.

    She also mentions that relations between humans and demons are improving and that, at least now, they no longer treat demons as slaves.

    About her friend Jeanne, she tells her that she went to live in the land of the gods. Nina wants to visit her with the help of the elder the next time she goes to the Dragonfolk Village.

    About Azazel, she tells him that she doesn't know where he went.

    She tells him that her friend Rita lost Kaisar, but that she continues to prepare delicious meals for her and Bacchus and Hamsa.

    Bacchus continues to treat her as if she's part of his family and that he's in love with Sofiel. 

    She ends her letter by telling her mom that she hopes she gets to meet her friends someday. 
    Since she's been in the capital, happy things have happened and also sad things that made her cry. But regardless, she's doing very well.

    That night, Favaro stops by to drink and say goodbye to everyone, and before leaving for a new trip, Nina tells him that Amira sent word that she wishes him well. Favaro is moved to tears, thanks Nina, and leaves.

    That same evening, Nina visits Chris at his castle and dances with him on the terrace of the royal hall, as should have happened on the day of the ball at the palace, and they embrace affectionately.

    Nina has won the greatest bounty ever, Charioce, who, in turn, is a dragon's treasure. Nina's.

  • Chris/Charioce: Hearing Kaisar telling him not to fear death because it brings peace before taking his last breath, Chris gathers the courage to face his destiny and fulfill his mission. 
    He tells Jeanne and Azazel that they can do what they want with his life if he survives after having shot Dromos.

    His scholar hands him his sword and wishes him luck, although Charioce knows his wishes aren't honest, as he doesn't like him very much.

    Charioce walks down to Dromos' control deck and inserts his sword and hand into the power source, causing Dromos to take the form of his weapon. 
    The moment he had been waiting for finally came. However, he's interrupted by Nina, who has flown to the scene and jumped on him. Charioce knows that Nina intends to die with him, so he tries to stop her. However, he desists when Nina tells him that if he's sacrificing himself, she'll do it too.

    As soon as Nina touches his left hand, Charioce sees how Dromos takes the Red Dragon's form and then insists on telling Nina that she doesn't have to die with him too, but she corrects him and tells him that she'll fight for her own life, for his, and their love. 
    Charioce feels supported, but most importantly, he feels forgiven. 
    Nina still loves him even though she almost died because of him. She forgave him for everything. 

    Charioce now has a reason to survive: he wants to spend the rest of his life with Nina in a peaceful world, and he won't die until he lives that reality. 
    He and Nina smile at each other and give their life energy to Dromos as they fight for their lives. They resist together while holding each other's hands the whole time.

    Once the calamity has passed and Bahamut is no longer a threat, Nina and Charioce fall unconscious on the floor of Dromos' deck. 
    Charioce's bracelet comes to ashes as he holds Nina's hand, freeing him from his fatal fate forever.

    Charioce became a hero that day, and Jeanne and Azazel spared his life as they understood his motives for doing what he did and how they misinterpreted his actions.

    Charioce loses his eyesight after shooting Dromos, but he remains the king of Anatae. He now exercises a more flexible rule since the three species joined forces in the last war, leading several to worship the gods again and even respect the demons, as they are no longer enslaved.

    At night, Charioce waits for Nina on the balcony of the royal hall. He knows when she's there because their bond isn't just physical since they're soul mates. 
    Charioce dances with her while smiling and hugging her lovingly.

  • Favaro: Upon regaining consciousness, he tells Nina that he's fine and to listen to him. 
    Favaro tells her that, ten years ago, he had to choose between sacrificing a young woman he promised to protect and the world, and he ended up choosing the latter, which he regrets, as the world stopped making sense to him the moment he lost the woman he loved.

    That was what Favaro wanted Nina to understand when he talked to her the day he heard her express her love for Charioce to the four winds. He wanted her to understand that whatever choice she makes, it has to be one she doesn't regret so that she doesn't have to live in a meaningless world without the person she loves. She has to do all possible to save the one she loves to live in a meaningful world for her.

    Then, Favaro asks Nina what she will choose. She replies that she will choose Charioce and rushes to his aid. This makes Favaro happy, for Nina must do everything she can to save the man she loves so that the world will be a happy place for her once the calamity has ceased. Favaro puts all his faith in her to succeed in destroying Bahamut and saving Charioce.

    Favaro watches Dromos adopting the Red Dragon's form to kill Bahamut. At that moment, Favaro cannot stop thinking about Amira.

    Calming down, Favaro is proud to call Nina his disciple.

    Before returning to Bacchus and Hamsa, he notices that the ancient dagger he used to slay Bahamut ten years ago is near him. Favaro suspects his beloved Amira is still alive.

    After a few days, Favaro visits Nina and the others to bid farewells before leaving the capital. 
    As he leaves, Nina catches up with him and gives him the message Amira sent with her: "I wish you the best." 

    Favaro thanks Nina, moved to tears, hopeful that Amira is still alive. 

    He begins a new journey after confirming that Bahamut isn't dead, but only contained until further notice, just as it has been since ancient times. 
    Favaro, then, goes in search of Amira, but before leaving, Kaisar —now a zombie— bids him farewell.

  • Kaisar: He sacrifices himself for Charioce and remains true to his pacifist ideal. His last words are for the king, to whom he says that death brings peace, giving him the courage he needs to face his fate. Besides, Kaisar always wanted to protect Charioce, as evidenced in episode 7, when he worries about his majesty being threatened by the Rag Demon.

    Rita brings Kaisar back to life in zombie form (*). He's the last to say goodbye to Favaro before he leaves town.

    (*): When he becomes a zombie, he becomes Rita's equal, fulfilling the pattern that all couples in Virgin Soul share something in common.

  • Rita: She sees Kaisar, whom she loves, die while holding their hands. 
    Rita weeps inconsolably at not being able to do anything for him.

    After the Bahamut incident, Rita continues to live in Anatae and regularly visits Nina, Bacchus, and Hamsa to cook for them and spend time with them. One night, when she has everything ready, they receive a visit from Sofiel and Ridwan. When Sofiel praises their food, Rita proposes to Sofiel to teach her how to prepare the dish so that she can cook it for Bacchus.

    Rita revives Kaisar after turning him into a zombie, to whom she tells that she will see Favaro again soon.

  • Jeanne: Upon seeing Kaisar die and hearing Charioce say that after he kills Bahamut, she can do whatever she wants with his life, Jeanne waits until the moment only to discover that the world has become a peaceful place thanks to him.

    Jeanne understands that she misunderstood his actions and that, in truth, he wasn't trying to kill El/Mugaro. Besides, thanks to her son's death, the scenario of peace between the three species is finally a reality, so she chooses to spare Charioce's life.

    On the other hand, and most remarkable, Jeanne won't take his life because he's now a hero and Nina's most important person. Jeanne doesn't want to be responsible for Nina losing someone she loves again, as she already was guilty of her father's death.

    Jeanne goes to live in the land of the gods and often visits her son's grave outside Anatae, where she used to live with him. 
    Jeanne thanks Azazel for visiting Mugaro's grave and bringing him his ocarina.

  • Azazel: He decides to spare Charioce's life when he realizes that his final goal was to end Bahamut's imminent threat and that he didn't intend to take Mugaro's life.

    Azazel has more reasons to spare Charioce's life too. Just like Jeanne, he doesn't kill him because he doesn't want to hurt Nina, as he has already hurt her enough when dragging her into his plans against her will.

    Likewise, Kaisar, whom he's indebted to, died in his hands trying to make peace between all species by offering his life for Charioce.

    He's satisfied to see that the world is now a peaceful place where demons are no longer enslaved or mistreated on the surface.

    He leaves the city, returning to being a wandering demon, and visits Mugaro's grave to leave him the ocarina as a token of remembrance.

  • Bacchus: He remains unconscious after Hipogriff fell in the streets of Anatae.

    As the catastrophe passes, he returns to his normal life in the chariot and continues to shelter Nina. 

    One night, before dinner, while lamenting that Nina has lost her voice confronting Bahamut, he's scolded by Rita, who asks him to help her set the table. 
    That night, they receive a visit from Sofiel and Ridwan.

    He blushes when Rita tells Sofiel that she can teach him how to prepare the evening's dish for Bacchus, as he's in love with her. Hamsa teases him. 

    Nina told Bacchus in episode 1 that she was going to hunt a bounty so big he was going to cry out of happiness. 

    Nina hunted Charioce, and Bacchus was happy to help her do so. He understands her feelings toward the king very well since Bacchus has also left everything for love and perfectly knows that making choices based on what the heart dictates is never wrong and brings happiness.

  • Hamsa: Like Bacchus, he's knocked unconscious after the fireball hits Hippogriff.

    He is sad that Nina's voice hasn't returned, but he doesn't have much time to grieve because Rita asks him to help her set the table. When they receive a visit from Sofiel and Ridwan that night, Hamsa realizes that Bacchus and Sofiel like each other.

  • Sofiel: She supports Gabriel and the gods and demons in defending the world from Bahamut.

    Once the threat is over and the days have passed, she visits Bacchus and the others with Ridwan. Sofiel praises Rita's food, and Rita tells him that she can teach her how to prepare the dish so that she can cook it for Bacchus.

  • Ridwan: She helps erect the shield to protect the inhabitants of Anatae.

    Days later, she accompanies Sofiel to visit Nina, Rita, Bacchus, and Hamsa. 

    When dining with them, Nina offers her food. Ridwan doesn't want any, but as Nina insists, she continues to find her personality annoying.

    Upon hearing Rita suggest that Sofiel might cook for Bacchus, Ridwan protests that she would never cook for a false god.

  • Gabriel: She leads the gods and joins Lucifer to raise a protective shield in Anatae.

  • Lucifer: He creates a protective shield in Anatae along with the demons, Gabriel, and the other gods.

  • Dias: He carries Alessand's corpse and sees how the people of Anatae have started to offer prayers to the gods and how many of them join gods and demons to face Bahamut.

    He thinks life will end when he sees a fireball falling into the city. Thankfully, the shield that demons and gods erected over the city saves him and the people.

    From his position, he watches how Dromos annihilates Bahamut.

    After a few days, Dias is named the new captain of the Orleans Knights and, seeing the scar Alessand left on his hand when he attacked him, decides not to make the same mistake he made with him and is strict with his army.

  • Royal Scholar: He hands Charioce his sword and wishes him luck, which Charioce knows he doesn't say honestly, as he doesn't hold him in high esteem. 

    The scholar is left in charge of the royal ship and instructs the navigators to clear the area once the king has reached Dromos.

    After surviving the incident, he continues to serve Charioce in the castle.

  • Amira: She approaches Nina in Bahamut's light and asks her to tell Favaro that she wishes him well.
    She also sends Favaro's dagger near to him so he can know she's alive. 
This is the English version of the literary analysis originally posted in Spanish on September 28, 2022.

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